Elmadani Belmadani was born in Taza,Morocco,and continued his primary studies to secondary in Tangier (1970)and Oujda (1972)cities and university studies in Fez (1986) , lived in different cities and this diversity enabled the artist to contemplate the colors of different regions of Morocco. .He began to paint in childhood to express his sensivity and emotions .
He made his first drawings classes at the old Italian School of Tangier,before perfecting his technique is oil and watercolor paintings. Influenced by the great masters of Impressionism and surealism ,and after a period of abstract and semi-abstract between 1974 -1976,his experience allows him to practice many styles. He uses his artistic training approach for all painting techniques,from pencil drawing and calligraphy to oil painting and watercolor. The artist works on materials such as canvas and wood.
His themes remain the historical relics ,traditional architecture,natural landscapes,lifestyle,everyday scenes and still life. Exhibiting since 1976 in Austria,Bulgaria,Canada,France,Hungary,Italy,KSA,Morocco,Netherlands, ,Russia,Spain,Turkey,USA,UK and Uruguay.
His works are exhibited with Salvador Dali works in the Euro-Asian center, Vienna ,October 15th,2013 [1][2]
- Euro-Asian-Morocco Arts Center Chairman
- Museum of the Americas' Representative in Morocco
Le peintre Elmadani

The painter Elmadani

Ecole Italienne à Tanger
Italian school in Tanger